Wall4life® is a unique patented green tech sound barrier screen, equipped with the latest innovation of plant technology and architecture, that highly effectively reduces noise and fine dust particles from the air. The best of ecology and technology mixed in a feasible low-tech design.


The massive prefab core, the green screens and the essential voids in between combined together allow air to flow in a controlled manner through the vegetation screens to be purified and to reduce the traveling of noise pollution. Screen2clean® and Wall4life® both needs a relatively small strip area, it is not bigger than a traditional screen. However it doesn’t impact its surroundings in a negative way, because it blends in with the landscape, and softens the cities hard surfaces.

The double layered green screens of Screen2clean® and Wall4life® are designed in such a way that they absorbs in high effect noise and traffic related fine dust particles, but also background PM, concentrations. The fine dust particles are caught in the Wall4life® due the suspension of air flow caused by the dense structure of the Hedera. if the wind comes to a full stop fine dust particles drop down onto the plants and soil. The microscopic fine hairs on the leaves of the Hedera capture the fine dust particles and eventually they’ll wash down with the rain.


With the purification power of Hedera, the Screen2clean® and Wall4life® needed to be designed in a way that air flows can be controlled to move optimally through the cleaning screens. With a hard surface wall like a massive wall of steel or concrete turbulence and under pressure cause air flow to drop and circulate, taking fine dust particles deposite. Wall4life® offers the solution by using permeable screens and slowing down air flows inside the wall. With a wide range of Hedera variations optimal purification can take place inside the Wall4life®. The voids inside the Wall4life® cause air flows to slow down and drop fine dust particles.


With the thickness of the solid core of the Wall4life® more sound can be absorbed than with traditional thin walls. The high mass of a 400 kilo/m2 absorbs noise vibrations and with the double screen air flow control less reflected sound bounces back into the direct environment. The continuous wall without sound leaks for the emergency exits can offer continuous noise reduction. The large prefab elements can be easily transported, put in place and more important been unbuild and relocated. This flexibility is crucial in dynamic infrastructural world. it also serves the planet with the saving on consumption of energy used for building and demolition. The prefab elements of Wall4life® make even temporary use possible.


Not only does vegetation purifies the air, it also contributes to a positive psychological effect on people. The vegetation offers a natural habitat for a wide range of flora and fauna essential for our ecosystem. In cities these places are rare, with Screen2clean® and Wall4life® long lines of ecological screens add high amounts of surfaces for ecology. It is the best of technology combined with the best of nature. Wall4life® with its natural looks will be a pleasure to see for people and a useful habitat for animals. The green waste caused by maintenance can be transformed into biofuel to further reduce CO2 impact. With the addition of solar panels or small wind turbines Wall4life® can be generator for renewable energy. Long lines of solar panels, or wind turbines encouraged by air flow of the passing cars and trucks can transform the purifying linear element into a renewable landscape element.


Wall4life® offers cost reduction from the start. The savings start with the fact that in general the wall doesn’t need a foundation. Because all construction pieces can be prefabricated, which allows quick assembly, reducing traffic round works obstructions. Due to its simplicity of construction, building time is brought back to a minimum, saving energy consumption and saving time related to road obstructions. The prefabricated elements make it possible to assemble and dissemble the Wall4life® and to move if needed. This generates a continuous high value. The quick assembly has the economical effect of relatively short transport activities. Wall4life® is suited for the use and imbedding of recycled materials. The massive core can be constructed of local available material.

Purification of environment

Using recycled material

Sustainable construction

Low production costs

Quick and flexible prefab construction

High CO2 reduction

Noise absorption

Graffiti free

Building with nature

Latest green tech

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