Screen2clean is developed to plurify the air in urban areas. Several years of research and tests (ENVICO, VITO) underlie this product, and confirm its quality.


Screen2clean is sited along roads, close to the source of air pollution. Traffic and wind drive the polluted air through the double layered screens, where the Hedera leaves plurify the air. Shelter inside the screen causes the current of air to slow down. Coarse dust particles fall down and fine dust particles are absorbed by the leaves. Up to 40% of the fine dust particles can be absorbed by Screen2clean.


Possibilities are countless. Because of its slim design, Screen2clean can be applied almost everywhere. It comes in a variety of heights, which makes it suitable for urban areas as well as outlying districts. Adaption of existing noise barriers is also possible. Screen2clean causes an extra noise reduction of 3 dB and improves performance of the barrier. Research points out that a noise reduction of 4-10 dB can be reached.


Screen2clean absorbs CO2 through Hedera leaves. One kilometer of Screen2clean, at a height of three meter, absorbs as much CO2 as a hectare of European woods. The environmental impact from construction is slight, so during its lifetime (50 years) absorption will be higher than emission. Another advantage is that Screen2clean is graffiti-proof.


Prefab materials make realisation of Screen2clean easy and quick. Sinking piles is not necessary, which makes it an affordable construction.

Purification of environment

Using recycled material

Sustainable construction

Low production costs

Quick and flexible prefab construction

High CO2 reduction

Noise absorption

Graffiti free

Building with nature

Latest green tech

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